Guitarist Mike Crooker and vocalist Christopher Foldi had been collaborating on remixes, CD compilations and live shows for years. Crooker works on film soundtracks and would often need Foldi to sing demo vocals. "We developed a good songwriting relationship," Crooker explains. After collaborating on the single "Cascade" in 2013, the guys formed a band with singer Michelle Strong, drummer Rob Crossley and bassist Andrew Wilco.

The band released Swell in 2014. The Cleveland Scene called Swell a "terrific new album," adding, "The band's perky electro-pop recalls the better synthesizer-based music of the '80s... and the new album sounds particularly sharp." Cleveland Music City also named Swell one of the top 30 records of 2014.

Now in 2017, the band has evolved into an edgier guitar driven sound as is evident in their latest demos and live shows. The Accidental EP is available now, and a new album is slated for completion by year's end.

Frigid Touch (l-r): Mike Crooker, Michelle Strong, Christopher Foldi, Rob Crossley and Andrew Wilco

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